Sunflower Badge

Sunflower Badge application began to be implemented for the first time in Turkey at Dalaman Airport under the leadership of the State Airports Authority.

We are aware that in addition to the passengers with reduced mobility, diseases such as autism, Asperger syndrome, learning difficulties, dementia, MS, ME, arthritis, diseases that restrict mobility, chronic pain, vision and hearing disorders and diabetes negatively affect the comfort of the journey at the airports.

In order to improve the travel experience of the passengers with hidden disabilities, the sunflower badge will indicate that the passenger has an invisible / hidden obstacle and that he/she will need more time and support. Your sunflower badge will not give any information about your specific disease to others.

Please consult our staff for the support you need.

You can get the Sunflower Badge from our information desks.

You do not need to provide any reports to be able to get a Sunflower Badge.

The Sunflower Badge provides priority at security checkpoints at our airport.
You may use your Sunflower Badge at the airports where it is implemented. You can find out whether this application is valid by contacting the relevant airport.