Our Vision & Mission

YDA Airport Investment and Management Inc.

Our Vission

YDA Airport Investment and Management, Inc. is decided for and targeted to monitor the national and international developments and practices, to develop new products after determining the passenger requirements, to generate a difference than its competitors, to operate the terminal in accordance with the international norms and to keep the quality standard of the terminal sustainable.

Our Mission

Operating the terminal under the frame of the following conditions as in accordance with the international standards has been accepted as a governing principle by YDA Airport Investment and Management, Inc.

  • To combine the latest technology with the abilities and creativity of the specialist personnel.
  • To establish all sorts of infrastructures for all practices required to generate unconditional customer satisfaction.
  • Uninterruptedly maintaining the required investment support for the research and development activities in relation with the business improving.
  • To demonstrate, together with employer associations and organizations, fair acts towards/in the relations with employees, sub-operators and suppliers.
  • To target the need for mutual benefiting in all business relations.
  • To act strictly in accordance with the codes, regulations and ethic rules.