Disabled Passengers Guide

Please follow direction signs to reach parking area which is reserved for you.

You can use toilets which are reserved for you. Pull emergency button in emergency situations.

You can find help desks to contact with us at parking area (1245)

We removed steps to lead you move freely inside and outside of the terminal.

You can find help desk in front of departure entrance door (1245)

Please follow the direction signs in the terminal to move freely.

Ground handling service will provide wheel chair and assistant when you need help.
You can use disabled passengers Check-in desks.

You can use priority elevator inside or outside of the terminal.
You can use priority pass which is reserved for you at security check points.

You can follow tactile tiles to go info desk, Ticket Offices, Check-in desk and Restroom.
You can use passport check cabin which is reserved for you.

You can get help from information desks at arrival and departure hall.

Please let us know of any comments and suggestions you have for improving our service.
Complaint and Suggestion Form

Special seats are designed for you at the Terminal.